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With our guide you will see that knowing How to Unlock the Helicopter in A Dusty Trip is easier than you thought, let's see.

The Apex Racer offers speed while the Royal Rover offers luxury. The helicopter offered something else: the possibility of leaving the roads and problems behind. There are no treacherous canyons or wild rivers that can stop you as you soar from the pavement to the clouds. Unfortunately, purchasing this helicopter is a risk that can be costly if you are unlucky. But if you can look down on the world like Superman, it's worth it. Here it is explained what to do to unlock the helicopter. Taking to the skies gives you the same freedom as performing a Secret Stay, but you will need your own helicopter and it can support you in the following content.

How to Unlock the Helicopter in A Dusty Trip?

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The only way to unlock the helicopter is to take out the car. Yes, we know helicopters aren't cars, but apparently the loot box gods think it's pretty close. The chances of getting an OP chest with a helicopter are very small, but it is the only way to fly. This is what you should do:

  • Participate in the car donation program.
  • Buy one or more spins (200 tokens or 39 Robux per spin) until you get an OP chest containing helium.
  • After reaching the helicopter, head to the garage.
  • helicopter equipment

Depending on your luck, unlocking the helicopter may take several attempts. It's a great car, but we don't recommend spending Robux on it. Flying will be a lot less fun if you damage your wings.

How to use helicopters

Dusty Trip makes using a helicopter surprisingly easy. You don't even have to worry about water or oil because helium is not used either. Simply fill the 60-liter auxiliary tank with gasoline and get into the car. When you're ready to take off, aim for the pilot's seat and press "E." These are the controls you need to fly a helicopter:

  • Start the engine - R.
  • Move aside – VAD
  • Brakes/Seat – S
  • Elevator – E
  • Lower – Q
  • Mouse: explore/rotate

Helicopters make traveling across the plains and deserts in Dusty Journey much easier. Let the Wagon and Stinger players take care of the bumps. We're over that now.

In conclusion, having access to a helicopter will give us an important advantage in getting around, so applying these instructions will help us achieve it easily and we can move quickly in the world of A Dusty Tripes.

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