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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-06-01 16:58:32

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Guide to learn how to level up the battle arts in Xenoblade Chronicles

  For those who already have time in the world of video games, you should already know Xenoblade Chronicles. Now with this new relationship that they had for the Nintendo, you will be able to see the new designs of the characters and their unique battle style, but still preserving their classic design.

How to level up battle gear in Xenoblade Chronicles?

Every time you have a character in your repertoire you have the possibility to use different types of techniques to fight during the game.

You should know that it is quite obvious that your characters will be somewhat weak and you will have to progress to level up.
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APs are obtained through a couple of ways in the game, and you can get them quickly simply by participating in in-game battles. Each combat encounter will reward you with a little AP, and you can accumulate them very quickly.

To level up your Arts, press the X button to bring up the menu and choose the Arts option.

Press the L and R buttons to select the character you want, then press ZR to go to the Level Up tab.

From here, select the Art you want to level up and confirm your selection by pressing A.

In case you are not in the middle of a match, discovering new places and landmarks will help you earn Experience Points.

Leveling up your Arts will generally increase effectiveness and reduce cooldown times, allowing you to use them more frequently.

 With this guide to How to level up the battle arts in Xenoblade Chronicles your characters will be strengthened and you will be able to fight with great agility, but this is only achieved with constancy. Luck!

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