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Today we prepare for you a Xenoblade Chronicles guide where we will explain how to change equipment

Why get a new equipment in Xenoblade Chronicles?

Because it allows us to become stronger, since we are allowed to have some weapons, with some accessories, since they are part of the changes and it is possible to adapt to them, this does not usually make any interference specifically related to statistics, but if it interferes with certain way with our characters and this is specifically because we can see that their physical appearance can be ruined, but even so this game mechanics allows us to go beyond what at first we could have considered.
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    How to change equipment in Xenoblade Chronicles?

    It is good to keep in mind that this process is known as Fashion Gear because it works in a separate way implying that in order to access our equipment, it will only be enough to press X and from there proceed to select the Change Equipment all option while in the pause menu, where are the two options equipment and Appearance, but we only focus on the first one for now.

    When we select equipment we have the possibility of getting pieces for each character and they are divided into Weapon, Head, Torso, Arms, Legs and Feet, because with this we can achieve a very interesting visual effect, we also have the option that we can always choose to make changes constantly.

    The idea of ​​getting a change equipment is usually based on being much more powerful, although this `probably tends to annoy some, the detail here is to get our benefit because the goal will always be to be above everything and everyone, even when it involves make a series of considerable changes.

     This is all we know about How to change equipment, go ahead and do it yourself, it will simply be worth it in Xenoblade Chronicles.

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