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Lidia Rozo
2020-06-04 17:29:39

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Our guide today on Xenoblade Chronicles has explained us all again about the future connected epilogue

What does the guide of the future connected epilogue in Xenoblade Chronicles imply?

The first thing that we should know is that these are new contents that have been placed in this game, which is not a super novelty, since previously a version had come out on Nintendo 3DS only that this has been somewhat modified at certain points, which has served as An excellent surprise for all users, because of course Japanese games tend to be extensive, but we should not feel that this could be a complicated task just having the possibility of obtaining new experiences.
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New from the future connected epilogue in Xenoblade Chronicles?

The first thing that we must consider is to be able to access this epilogue and for this it is vital to the main menu, there we will have several options to choose from being New game, Loading games, Options and Event theater, but under them is where exactly the that we require, and this required Extra Story, there it is necessary to click as soon as we have managed to complete the main story.

The game option is excellent especially if you consider not playing the entire original game, there is practically the possibility of skipping some segments and best of all is the ability to access it directly from the menu.

The main menu allows us to carry out all our activities extremely simple and in a comfortable way, since you only need to press the button in the Extra Story and immediately allows us to play this epilogue separately to make the emotion here even more entertaining.

With this we can end our guide to the new of the future connected epilogue to get more entertainment and action through Xenoblade Chronicles

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