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Xenoblade Chronicles is a very busy game and today it leads us to discover How to beat white Eduardo.

  In Xenoblade Chronicles we have that there are many secondary missions which for the most part have the objective of eliminating monsters, among them we have the challenge1, which consists of conducting a search in the Leg of Bionis, taking into account that we have to know how to beat the White Eduardo, our main purpose this time, help will be given by the content of this guide, so paying attention to details is necessary.
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    What to know about White Eduardo in Xenoblade Chronicles?

    The secondary mission we received from one of the refugees in the forest, it should be borne in mind that this is a search with time limits, by the time the refugees are relocated, the time will have expired, we have 2 options so that this relocation occurs, one is that we advance further in history, but finishing it before we reach Mechonis, the other option we have is to search the way home, which will be within our reach when we clear the satorl swamp , after we activated challenge 1, we will have access to information that will take us to the location of Blanco Eduardo, now let's move on to the top details of this explanation.

    How to beat White Eduardo in Xenoblade Chronicles?

    On an island that is north of the bridge that is covering Lake Raguel, Eduardo has to live white, it is an area where there are very large platforms, which are shaped like a mushroom in the lower level of the map, this in the area central leg of Bionis, the appearance of this enemy is possible while there are thunderstorms, such as thunder, lightning and rain, it is ideal that we then seek to cause a change in the weather and it seems possible.

    Consider that Eduardo's target level is 17, so it should not be a big obstacle, in case it is not possible for us to control it with Shulk and Reyn, it is good that we advance the story further arriving at the moment that join us Sharla, which will give us an additional point in our favor, then we have to use the Shulk air slit and the side slit, which allows us to hit this enemy, if we intend to slow down , we have that Air Slash is the indicated option, which causes that White Eduardo does not attack very often, in the case of Reyn we can use Stream Edge, certainly if it took time but in the end we will be winners.

     It is evident that knowing how to beat white Eduardo allows us to move forward and have fun in Xenoblade Chronicles.

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