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Angel Marquez
2020-12-08 14:44:19

With our Xbox Series X / S guide, you will learn more about how to fix 4K / 120Hz with no signal or image corrupted.

What to know about the Xbox Series X / S

These are next-generation consoles, where it is ideal to treat the situation presented in some televisions that present inconveniences for the use of this console, what has to do with the failure is directly in LG, Samsung and Vizio televisions, especially those that They bring with them the 4K / 120Hz option and it prevents a signal from coming out, so for those of us who are going through such a situation, it is good that we have the support of this guide and its topic to discuss to explain How to repair 4K / 120Hz without a corrupt signal or image, so let's move on.
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How to fix 4K / 120Hz no signal or corrupted image from Xbox Series X / S?

The problem has already been presented on the Microsoft website, where it is explained that when using a 4K / 120Hz TV that turns out to be VRR compatible, we will go through this signal failure instantly that the console configuration is for 4K120 VRR, then to see How to fix 4K / 120Hz no signal or corrupt image of Xbox Series X / S it is necessary to do the following:


  •  We must update the firmware of our TV
  • For this, we enter https://www.lg.com/us/support/software-firmware-drivers if it is LG
  • Enter https://www.samsung.com/us/support/downloads/ for Samsung
  • Go to https://support.vizio.com/s/firmware-search for Vizio


 Now if this continues we will move on to the following:

  •  Make a configuration on the console that takes us to 4K / 60 with VRR, we enter settings, general, TV, and in the display options, video mode to mark the option of the Allow variable frequency variable.
  • You have to configure 4k / 120 without VRR, doing the previous steps only by changing to uncheck the Allow variable frequency in the TV screen options, the resolution, and refresh rate is found.
  • We may seek to be in 120hz and VRR we have to configure then for 1080p / 120hz VRR or 1440p / 120hz VRR, this is when going to the settings, general, TV and display options, video mode and the Allow variable is removed of frequency.


Now if we are with the corrupt image, a step to the safe video mode is required and the following is done:

  •  The console must be restarted and we configure the video options as mentioned before
  • If the failure continues, we will deactivate the VRR on the television
  • If we have not reached the solution, we will restart the video mode that will take us to a safe state and perform the configuration for any of the previous options, it will only be enough to turn on the console and reset everything to the screen settings.

 In this way we finish our Xbox Series X / S guide now you know how to repair 4K / 120Hz without corrupt signal or image, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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