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2020-11-09 07:00:49

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There are many things necessary to know in Xbox Series X / S and that is why today we want to explain how to close games

Is it relevant to know how to close games in Xbox Series X / S

In a certain way this is of considerable importance and this is because they are consoles where the new technology is present, in such a way that each change that may occur can achieve some impact, since obviously being new there are various options that make it particular and This allows us to have the good fortune to explain it to you so that it can be useful to you and thus be up to date with every detail, since its launch is scheduled for a few days in such a way that each fragment counts.
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How to close games in Xbox Series X / S?

This generally tends to occur or is carried out in a certain way regularly when we get some games that may freeze, in such a way that accelerating the reaction process can make our console work without any inconvenience, therefore the possibility opens up to us to turn it off and for this it is necessary:


  •  Access the start menu on our Xbox Series X / S
  • Proceed to select the application that we are interested in closing.
  • Proceed by pressing the Options button.
  • And choose to choose to leave.


 Another way to do it is:

 Access the quick access menu that is shown to us when we press the Xbox button on our controller, as its quick resume function can suspend games and applications without losing the progress we have made.

 In this sense, knowing how to close games allows us to have the possibility of getting out in a way that we are not involved in forcing things and thus continue to enjoy everything that Xbox Series X / S can bring us

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