Angel Marquez
2020-09-22 08:54:47

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With our WWE 2K Battlegrounds guide you will learn more about how to drop a car.

What to know about dropping a car in WWE 2K Battlegrounds?

There are now in this new edition of the game some outstanding interactions that we can use as elements to cause greater damage to our opponents, this was brought about by the present edition to make the game more entertaining, this is because the previous edition was highly criticized and For this reason, interesting elements were added, this time we will talk about How to drop a car, one of these new elements that will be important, therefore the next content of this guide will give us the precise details, let us follow them very closely.

How to drop a car in WWE 2K Battlegrounds?

The Detroit sand should be our choice first, it is because this interaction of this place through the car shop is exclusive, the moment the fight starts we will be able to notice that there is a car suspended in the air, this is to the right and we will have 2 possibilities to release the car and these are the following:
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  • The Irish whip: with this it is possible to release the car on top of our opponent, it is necessary that for this the location of both is very close to the car, which will lead us to an interaction where we are going to use the whip against the opponent by pressing the B and then with the left lever of the Xbox One we are going to hit it, now if these on the PS4 we must press the square and in the same way we will use the left lever, which will make the car end up falling on top of us.
  • Pick up and drop off: we have to press the A on the Xbox One and the X on the PS4 with it to pick up our opponent, when doing so we will notice that there is an icon on a car on top of our character, it means that we will be ready, now it What we will do is go to where the car is in order to reach the ropes and this is when we will throw our opponent on the jack that is under the car, the next thing to happen is that it will fall on the jack and then the car will also fall on him.

In conclusion, knowing how to drop a car is excellent because we can advance further in this interesting and moving game such as WWE 2K Battlegrounds.