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Find out how to get Corona Mountain in this excellent and explanatory Super Mario Sunshine guide.

What to know about the crown mountain in Super Mario Sunshine?

This is the final level of the game, where in turn we will have a confrontation with a final boss, with the arrival of Super Mario 3D All Stars we have many of us who know this incredible adventure we will be able to live it again, if we want to understand how to obtain the Corona mountain it is necessary to rely on the content of this guide, let's do it very carefully.

How to get Corona Mountain in Super Mario Sunshine?

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    It is necessary that we complete the combats at the end of the bosses that the previous 7 levels have with them, in doing so we will have a return with Mario to Plaza Delfino, in which we will notice a change, which is about finding ourselves under water and it turns out that The door with which we will have access to the final level is open, simply then what we will do is continue through it, here we will pass different obstacles in which the final boss is included, there are a few blue coins that we can add to our collection and that is something that with the previous progress we are allowed to play at this level, there is nothing special that we have to do, what if there is to be highlighted is that being the final level we must expect a lot of difficulty to complete it, but with the use of our skills in full we are going to achieve it.

    We can conclude that knowing how to get Corona mountain is easier than thought, just progressing and trying is more than enough for this incredible adventure that represents Super Mario Sunshine.

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