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Today we made for you a Satisfactory guide where we have considered explaining how to unlock the console commands

What are the console commands in Satisfactory used for?

Normally some consoles can have an activator of a frame counter per second, or some other speed, since they are extremely necessary to get the best utility as possible, since knowing how to unlock the console commands simply helps us to have access to certain options that are simply not visible in the game settings and we can carry them out ourselves.

How to unlock console commands in Satisfactory?


  •  The first thing we need to consider is the possibility of pressing the Ctrl Shift L key simultaneously to activate it.
  • Then it is necessary to press the ~ key that will allow us to open the console menu.

It is necessary to consider that the effects of the console can remain between the sessions but they are usually eliminated as soon as we leave the game, in addition to taking some provisions especially with the English keyboard from the United Kingdom.


 What are the console commands that we can unlock in Satisfactory?


 Name description.

  •  r.Fog [0/1] Used to enable or disable fog.
  • r.ViewDistanceScale, is used to change the representation distance of trees, grass, rocks.
  • r.Atmosphere [0/1] Manages to turn the atmosphere on and off.
  • r.TemporalAAFilterSize Required to change the extent of TAA samples. Change it a little below 1 to sharpen the image.
  • r.TemporalAASamples [Number] It is ideal to change the number of samples to use for the TAA.
  • Stat Levels ideal for displaying level flow information.
  • Stat Unit important for displaying Frame Time, Draw Time and other statistics.
  • r.ScreenPercentage [Percentage] can change the internal resolution scale.
  • r.TemporalAACurrent Frame Weight [Number] The range is 0 to 1. We change the impact of the current internal frame to the final image and adjust it to something low as 0.02 for better AA.
  • r.Tonemapper.Sharpen [Number] is used to change the amount of a sample sharpening filter.
  • t.MaxFPS [Number] quite viable to set FPS to maximum. Use 0 for unlimited FPS.
  • FOV [Number] ideal for changing the FOV. Try not to go beyond 150.
  • Stat FPS is used to activate the FPS counter in-game.

 This is all we know about How to unlock the console commands, since it is only necessary to follow the indicated steps and do it on our own in Satisfactory.

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