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It is ideal to have certain specific areas in Destiny 2 only today we plan to explain how to unlock the Cosmodrome

What is the cosmodrome in Destiny 2?

This is nothing more and nothing less than an area that is available in this game, previously we could see it in passing, temporarily only in Shadowkeep or the festival of the lost, because recently the developers of Bungie are doing everything possible to keep us Busy enough, because for this they have been in charge of slowly incorporating more expansions, only on this occasion it is necessary to know how to unlock the Cosmodrome to be able to use other weapons, where it is necessary to maintain the fight, continue with the enemies, and even if necessary wait until September to enjoy it what is vital to remember is that the waiting time will be worth it.

How to unlock the Cosmodrome in Destiny 2?

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    The first thing we must do in order to have access to all the content is to proceed in the first instance to buy the Beyond the Light expansion and it is necessary to do it as soon as possible as the longer we wait, the less opportunity we have, as this expansion is good Important and this is because Bungie has clarified that a future is planned other additional expansions that we cannot miss.

    Eventualities allow us to have much more content from this game, even a point to bring back some memories of the past in relation to the previous Destiny installment, because this is likely thanks to the possibility of marking some differences between the first and second installment, for the main idea is to return once again to the incursion of the glass vault and that this allows us to make the experience even more interesting.

    In this sense, knowing how to unlock the Cosmodrome allows us to go back to some memories of the pass but with more new content in Destiny 2 where the enemies make their presence again.

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