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Enter the Valorant universe because today we will tell you how to get a blue crosshair.

What to know about the blue crosshair in Valorant?

It is a customization that we can apply to the crosshair, this through an application, so if we seek to do it, it is ideal that we take into account some indications regarding How to get a blue crosshair and in this guide they will be presented below.

How to get a blue crosshair in Valorant?

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    From Github we can download the valorant CC application, we install it on our desktop like any program, it is important that we also have the Net Dekstop Runtime, installing the additional plugins so that we can run them effectively, then we must perform a series of steps to apply the blue color to our crosshairs.

    We enter the launcher of the Riot client and minimize it, then we will open the application to have a link between it and the game, then we will see that the application lists some crosshairs that are available, it is presented in the upper right corner, when Once we have chosen the crosshair we must also choose the blue variant, apart from that we can make some adjustments and change the color of our ADS and for the sniper's sight, it is worth noting that there are no restrictions to use this software, although the use of it.

     We hope that the information detailed here on How to get a blue crosshair has been useful for your fun and progress in Valorant.

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