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Now that Triangle Strategy is out, you'll want to know how to use Frederica Aesfrost, which we'll show you how to do here.

What is Frederica Aesfrost in Triangle Strategy?

She is a Pyromancer recruit, it is the first opportunity that Triangle Strategy will give you to attack using fire magic. Her ability to attack multiple enemies will come in handy early in the game, but her stats, which include attack, defense, and speed, are relatively low, so knowing how to use her will help to compensate.

How to use Frederica Aesfrost in Triangle Strategy?

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    With Frederica's default ability, Blessing of Fire, she'll be able to gain a natural resistance to fire magic, but a weakness to ice, which you'll need to be aware of during chapter three, when the mages of Hyzante will use ice magic to knock you down.

    Her other default ability is Scorch, more useful for targeting between enemy units, capable of damaging multiple enemies in a limited range.

    You should keep in mind that if you want to use Scorch, you will have to pay two TP (turn points). But in case you don't have the necessary amount, you can add his physical attack, Tome of Fire, to the melee effort.

    Once Frederica gets to level seven and learns To blaze Chains, she gains a power that also costs two TP, but is capable of doing nearly triple the damage to scorch while setting the ground on fire and reducing enemy movement by one square by three minutes.

    Upon reaching level 15, Frederica learns Pillars of Fire, with which she can deal damage to enemies in five squares while she sets the ground on fire. But you must keep in mind that her speed is not very good, in addition to the fact that enemy units can move, so you will have to give her an accessory that improves her speed. Make sure to take advantage of the weakness of the enemies to shoot, considering the resistance.

    That is all you need to know about how to use Frederica Aesfrost in Triangle Strategy, so now that we have reached this part, we hope that you will be able to use Frederica in the best possible way.

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