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Daniel Hidalgo
2020-07-23 18:57:23

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There are many users wondering how to fix error code 68 in Valorant, so if you want to solve it this is what you need to know.

What is error code 68 in Valorant?

If you encountered the error message "ValorantE has encountered a connection error. Please reboot the client to reconnect", we are sorry to have to tell you that this error code is one of the few errors not listed on the website of the game, so you're wondering how to fix error code 68.

How to fix error code 68 in Valorant?

On how to fix the error code 68 in Valorant you should know that it is not a client problem, but it can be a problem that occurs in the regions, this could be due to the game servers being maintained, although it is not a sure thing . So we have prepared some solutions in case your region has problems or you have a bad system configuration.
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The first thing we recommend you do is restart the client or simply wait for the servers to come back online. Although we recommend you first check the official Twitter account of the video game to see if there is any maintenance in progress and if you have a downdetector you can check if there is a problem with the server in your region.

In case the servers in your region are having problems, you can wait for them to be connected and online again. You can also use some VPN software to change your region online and be able to connect to the game without the error being presented.

If your servers are online but the error is presented, the cause could be Windows Firewall or DNS or Proxy Settings, in this case what you have to do is go back to Windows custom DNS and disable the use of proxy servers. as follows:

Change to Windows default DNS> press Windows I and select Network and Internet, then you will have to change the adapter options> right click on the network connection you are using and go to Properties> select Internet Protocol version 4 ( TCP / IPv4)> Properties> enable Obtain an IP address automatically> also enable the option Obtain DNS server address automatically> Accept and save changes.

Another thing you can do to fix this error is to change the LAN settings, for this you will have to access the Windows Search tab and write to Internet Options> Connections tab> LAN Settings> disable the use of a proxy server for your LAN > Accept and save changes to exit.

If the above has not worked, our guide on how to fix error code 68 is not over. You will have to set an exception in the Windows firewall or in the third-party antivirus if you have it. To do this you will have to

Press Windows Key I> Update & Security> Windows Security> Firewall & Network Protection> turn on the option to Allow an application through the firewall and select Change settings> search for BootstrapPackagedGame in the list of programs, but if it does not appear you will have to click on allow another application> select Browse and look for Valorant.exe> ​​Add> OK.

Kapersky Internet Security.

Home> Settings> Additional> Threats and exclusions> Exclusions> Specify trusted applications> Add.


Home> Settings> Components> Web Shield> Exceptions> Set the exception.

Avast Antivirus.

Home> Settings> General >> Exclusions> Set exclusion.

 This is all you need to know about how to correct the error code 68 in Valorant., We hope that it has been very useful to correct this problem, do not forget to restart the client first, this should fix it but if not Try each of the other solutions until you find yours. Don't forget to like this article on how to fix error code 68 in Valorant. We have much more content about the game that will be useful for you.

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