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Today we make for you a Fault Jungle guide where we will show you how to seal

Who are the heroes in Fault Jungle?

The possibility of playing a MOBA simply puts us in an interesting state of mind and specifically Fault Jungle has come for it to make us have fun in the group and in a big way but this means that we must know how to seal, in that sense there is no need for another side , because here we will tell you how to do it and specifically what are the heroes with whom it is possible to do it based on the fact that these are the recommended ones.

  • Countess
  • Gray stone.
  • Sevarog
  • Kwang
  • Khaimera

How to seal in Fault Jungle?

One of the most relevant aspects here is knowing the faction to use as there are two specific factors and they are the following:


  • It allows us to have physical power and improve our health every time we eliminate a second in the jungle.
  • We managed to take 10 percent less damage from the jungle camps.
  • We have the possibility of accumulating a total of 30 disgusting.


  • This faction allows to increase the damage of the agreement to our health.
  • Taking enough damage also allows us to generate a lot of damage.
  • It allows us to have a maximum health shield of 8 percent.
  • It is the best option for team fighting.
  • The possibility of having the initial elements.

There is an option to get some interesting elements when we pass the starting points in Fault Jungle and child:

  • The Affliction: that allows to become a Storm Quiver an interesting object to attack, because it is fantastic in the camps and in the jungle, it also has the possibility of healing us.
  • The Health Pot: This is simply an object that we can use at any time when we consider it necessary.
  • The Shadow Pavilion: allows us to have a better view of the map as well as the advantage before the enemy.

Count on the Jungle as a battlefield.

Knowing how to seal easily allows us to locate ourselves in strategic places, that is why the jungle is ideal since it is a security field and it is an excellent start, the idea of ​​locating ourselves here is because we are offered the possibility of eliminating enemies when they are in a circle, since it is possible to hit them avoiding taking a lot of damage, after we have passed this training it is time to go to the red zone in Fault Jungle, because here we attack a small enemy and place him in front of the swamp so that it turns black, because this to make him fight with a bigger one that is usually usually red and we certainly don't want to be hit by them.

The idea is to go for the white subjects since they are weaker and proceed to eliminate them, after them we make our way to face the red one only that this will do us enough damage, here we can give excellent use to the health potential and continue the fight , when we manage to manipulate it is a time to use it in order to win specific lanes in the middle or on the left, the choice is ours.

Our job here apart from knowing how to seal is learning to control the map and ensure that the lanes do not fall behind, the ideal is to work as a team so that the enemy can make mistakes and take advantage of them, as this recently carried out work allows us get some improvements on our items, as Jungle Fail definitely struggles to keep us busy.

In general terms, knowing how to seal easily allows us to have the articles and elements necessary to make Fault Jungle a space that only we can control.

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