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Lidia Rozo
2021-03-26 17:46:00

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As we play Valorant we are presented with activities to execute which allows us to explain how to change and play with other regions.

What's the point of switching and playing with other regions in Valorant?

  This game has the advantage of allowing us to play some games with other players from other parts of the world, because although it is true, this is mostly done with players from the same region, now it is possible to do it with other regions and that is why we are here In this sense, knowing how to change and play with other regions leads us in theory to explore new horizons, since we have the possibility of playing and interacting with people from other latitudes and this does really give a very interesting twist to the game.

How to switch and play with other regions in Valorant?

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It is necessary to form some teams, for this it is necessary to describe two particular ways to do it, and they are the following:

 Choosing to make a new Riot
: This is a way to switch and play with other regions, for which you need to:

 Choose a secure VPN.

  •  Next it is necessary to go to the Riotmates page in order to “Create an account”.
  • Once it has been created there is no need to keep the VPN activated because we will have an ID of the region with which we are interested in playing.
  • We proceed to enter Valorant and choose to play with other players from another region.

 Choose to change the region directly from the Valorant support page:
this is another option that may well be applicable and to achieve it is necessary:

  •  Enter the Valorant support page.
  • Then you need to check our current region.
  • Then we proceed to change the region manually.
  • Then we proceed to "Confirm" and that's it.

 Note: with this method there is no possibility of going back to our original region, so it is necessary to think carefully before executing it.

 Now that you know how to change and play with other regions it is time to do it and in this way play with other people from other latitudes, so that enjoying Valorant goes beyond our borders.

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