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Magic Legends brings enough for us and this allows us to tell you about the Initial Class to choose from, let's see.

Is it possible to unlock multiple classes in Magic Legends?

The answer is yes, only that at the beginning we will only have an initial class and therefore the other classes are blocked, however, this does not have to happen all the time in the same way, because as we progress we are allowed to have the possibility of unlocking other classes and mastering them, in this sense, knowing which is the best starting Class to choose is worth considering:


  •   The number of initial classes are 5.
  • There are varied classes which allow us to have the possibility of choice.
  • Classes usually contain some particular features, however, some are favorable to use in all classes.
  • The traits of the classes allow us to have an excellent level of customization.

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    What is the best Starter Class to choose at Magic Legends?

     There are two aspects of interest to consider:


    •  Style: in this sense it is vital to refer to the range or melee and here we are based on the personal style of play.
    • Class Skills: This is another option and they are usually related to an aspect that is usually fixed.

     Now, it is good to bear in mind that there is the possibility of unlocking various colors in our deck, and this allows us to change it in order to use other types of cards, making the chosen character able to adapt to a certain personal style, since the cards that we usually add can be achieved as we progress in this game, it is possible to play with all the classes as long as they can be unlocked, it is vital to make a good initial choice to get in this way to play in the most comfortable way as possible.

    Here is a brief description of the classes:


    •  Sanctifier: this is a ranged class, which has an angel capable of healing with a vital link, because here we have a healing ability and it is represented by white mana.
    • Beast Caller: this class has a very powerful ability in terms of provocation for companions, as it is usually a mix between range and melee with formidable healing, it is represented by green mana.
    • Geomancer: This class usually focuses on close combat where formidable AoE blows are visible and is represented by red mana.
    • Necromancer: This class allows us to summon some undead creatures, as it usually has a moderate range and is represented by black mana.
    • Mage of the Mind: this class has the ability to weaken enemies, it is ideal when we want to confuse and has a medium range, it is represented by blue mana.

     This is all we can tell you about the initial class to choose from, because with it, it is possible to succeed in this game and defeat the enemies we come across in Magic Legends.

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