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VALORANT: How To Activate Contracts

2020-04-17 12:30:35

You want to know how to activate contracts in VALORANT, because you are in the right place, here we will cover everything in the respective area.

  Despite the fact that VALORANT can be obtained for free when you download it, there are contents that become tedious to unlock, of course this may not happen if we spend real money, the game remains focused on a cast that is called agents, what first to do at the beginning is to unlock the entire list to progress, only for them it is important that we know how to activate contracts, a system that despite being part of the content of the game is not something that is so well known, to have an idea of what We talk, let's go to see the content of this guide to help us have more knowledge about it.

What do we have to do before activating the contracts in Valorant?

 At the beginning of the game we have 5 agents available to play, which are Sova, Jett, Phoenix, Sage and Brimstone, additionally we can access by unlocking 5 others and these are Raze, Viper, Omen, Breach and Cypher, once we start the game after a while it is possible to unlock 2 of the agents at our discretion, we will have the first time 3 kinds of missions, one is to carry out simple daily tasks, possible to complete with an additional XP to the one we won in one of the games, another form of mission is the beta battle pass, which brings new rewards for this version while we continue to gain XP, we have that for the third option, it is a series of rewards for new players, when we reach the level 5 we will be able to unlock an Agent through the different rewards and another agent if we reach level 10, now let's go to How to activate contracts below.

 How to activate contracts in Valorant?

 Now we only have to unlock the 3 remaining agents, for this we have to complete the contracts, to access these we will click on the tab that says collection, which is at the top of the screen, then we go to where the agent says Below this, having a selected agent, we find a button that indicates the option to see the contract, very close to the bottom of the screen, by clicking here, we will see the reward level in the contract of said agent, in the lower middle part of the screen we can activate said corresponding contract, the handling is similar to that of the initial rewards for unlocking the first 2 agents, but it takes a lot of XP for us to raise the level, despite this unlocking of each level is for 200 RO or $ 2, the agent will get to unlock it at level 5, having a total cost of 1000 RP or $ 10 to get it.

 It is also possible to activate contracts for the agents that we already have free, including the first 2 agents that we unlock, only that their levels will be completed, we have that among the rewards are the Gun Buddies, even amulets of decorations for our weapons we can win, skins with unique themes for the characters, now if we notice that it is not ideal to play Omen, we can do it with Sova for the unique skin of the weapon, then pausing the contract of Omen or for any other agent, with the possibility to return to the previous contact based on our saved progress.

 In conclusion, knowing how to activate contracts is excellent because we can advance more in this interesting and moving game like Valorant.

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