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Destiny 2: How to Get Almighty Seal - Season of the Worthy

2020-04-17 12:56:14

This time we return with a Destiny 2 guide aiming at the explanation of How to obtain the Almighty seal.

  We have that in Destiny 2 we will get a seal that is directly related to the improvement of different Serafin towers throughout the solar system, also the completion of Lost Legendary Sectors in order to help Warmind Rasputin, so it will be necessary for us to know how to obtain the Almighty stamp, in the content of this guide are all the answers, let's see what it says about it.

What should we know about the Almighty seal in Destiny 2?

  There are 8 wins to complete if we want to know how to obtain the Almighty seal, each of these wins must be unlocked naturally, which are the following

Object oriented

Resolved Bugs: Legendary Lost Sectors of the Moon, Legendary Lost Sectors of lo, and EDZ Legendary Lost Sectors

  • Victory in hard code
  • Algorithm efficiency
  • Full stack Warmind security
  • Almighty
  •  How to obtain the Almighty seal in Destiny 2?
  •  Object Oriented

 We must complete any of the 9 lost legendary sectors, without any of the team members dying.

 Solved bugs:

 Legendary Lost Sectors of the Moon

 If we want to solve How to obtain the Almighty seal, here we must unlock Logistics K1, Crew Room and Communion, thus we will have the final set of legendary lost sectors.

 Legendary Lost Sectors of Io

 In the same way as the previous triumph in Destiny 2, we must complete the Conduit of the Afix, the Sanctuary of Bones and the Forest of Ulan-Tan in Io.

 EDZ Legendary Lost Sectors

 Completing 3 legendary sectors lost in EDZ will be necessary if we want to unlock this triumph, they are the Scavenger's Lair, Skydock IV and the Quarry, if we want to make it simple we must be LL 1000, with a fire team it will be the correct way to tackle them, keeping in mind that there are champions like Barrier, Overload and Unstoppable, so we must be well prepared.

Victory in hard code

 Here we have revealed one of the triumph that previously became secret, to complete it we must carry out the public event of the Serafin tower, so that we do not fail in any of the loading cycles, to do this the Stormcaller of the tree and the Riskrunner will serve Ideally, apart from this, we will choose to carry out the moon event, because our enemies do not enter the Seraph Tower.

Algorithm efficiency

 Here we must finish all the enemies that are in the 3 bunkers of Seraph, in EDZ, lo and Moon.

Full stack Warmind security

 The improvement of the 3 bunkers will be necessary, at level 7 which is the maximum, the cost of these improvements is different in coins for each of them, legendary fragments, planetary materials and parts of warm wind, we must first make the improvements to reduction in a bunker, when doing this we have to take into account the improvements that will generate more Warmind Bits, otherwise the cost of a bunker will be 3060 Warmind Bits.

 Now to get them we have to complete the daily and repeatable rewards, if we do it accurately, in a couple of hours we get 500 Warmind Bits each day, this will certainly take some time.


 We get it once we complete the previous wins.

 Knowing how to obtain the Almighty seal is interesting, since it allows us to develop and have more fun in Destiny 2.

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