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Angel Marquez
2022-12-09 13:59:52

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Today, we bring you a guide on Where to find all Colosseum in Elden Ring.

What to know about the Colosseum in Elden Ring?

With the arrival of the first DLC of the game, an official PvP for the coliseums has to be added, there were doubts about their operation, it was thought that they had been discarded or that they were just decorative, with this update we can get to see that they are within them, leaving only the questions of Where to find all the coliseums in Elden Ring and to help us take into account the following indications.

Where to find all Colosseum in Elden Ring?

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There are 3 locations to consider, where we have the first in the Limgrave region, the second for the Caelid landscape and the last for Legacy Dungeon of Leyndell, Royal Capital, to reach the first we will go to the grace site that is in Warmaster's Shack, a cabin somewhat to the east of Stormhill in Limgrave, once here we will look north to see a forest path that will lead to the north coast of Limgrave, we continue along the dirt road, and we will arrive at the coliseum, this is the same location where we face the NPC Tarnished with Old Knight Istvan, so the area will be familiar.

For the second that is in Caelid we have that the entrance takes us to the east out of the region, passing through the depths of the Siofra river using the arcane elevator in East Limgrave, once we reach the second level of the underground region we will go through the forest of worshipers until we reach the grace site, under the well, we will spend a couple of Stonesword keys to activate the elevator that does not allow access to the coliseum, for the third one that we have in Leyndell we will use the West Capital Rampart site of grace, we continue south until we reach the branch that takes us to the Erdtree sanctuary, but we will not climb the branch we will go down the path that places us at the base of the hill above the coliseum building, going up the spiral stairs we will be in this one.

Finally, now that we know where to find all Colosseum in Elden Ring, we can move on with our progress.

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