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2021-02-07 13:51:56

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Valheim has arrived and brings some creatures, let's see How to tame boar.

Why tame boar in Valheim?

In order to get the existing elements in the game, such as facing hunger and other obstacles, it is necessary that we help each other to make objects, constructions of buildings and even plant crops, it requires that we know how to tame the wild boar, for Through this it is possible to access the meat supplies and many things, to understand the details we continue to see the following text.
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How to tame boar in Valheim?

In the forest we will find the food that is required to feed boar, such as berries, mushrooms and carrots, these objects are taken from our inventory by pressing the Tab, to place them on the ground, while we will approach boar with Caution with the Ctrl, you have to feed it enough to be able to tame it, it is certainly not easy for this option, then we can use another way, one that consists of the use of the workbench to create a fence and a corral so that it Let's catch it, then we will make fences and a door to make the creation near where boars are, when we get close to this we can attack them but if we go in the direction of running we can attract it inside, then we close the door to have it trapped.

When we manage to have it trapped, what we will do is feed it, while boar is eating we will be able to notice some hearts that appear on its head, which will let us know that domestication is working, we must bear in mind that with 2 or more domesticated boars allow a mating, which allows to have a harvest to get meat and leather, food is important to keep it alive, carrots are a great food and that we can grow them through seeds, achieve a form of supply can make things easier for us, because we will have food regularly.

 In this sense, knowing how to tame boar allows us to have a little more control in Valheim.

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