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Daniel Hidalgo
2021-02-07 20:38:06

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Already Valheim has just started, and surely you want to know how to get Pickaxe, which we will be telling you today.

What is Valheim?

The title belongs to the survival and exploration video game in which having a pickaxe is very important if you want to obtain resources, build a base and carry out other activities. So if you want to know how to get Pickaxe here we will tell you how to get it.
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How to get Pickaxe in Valheim?

The first thing you have to do to have a pick is to get 10 woods and a single hard shaft.

A Hard Antler can be won, as long as you manage to finish off the Eikthyr boss, who you can find when you start the game.

But to be able to kill the boss you will have to have built a base and a workbench, you will also have to level up skills and create new weapons and armor, this will allow you to obtain strength.

The best weapon for this battle is the bow, which will allow you to fight against it and will allow you to hunt deer, since it will take two deer trophies to summon Eikthyr in the summoning stone, and when you have finished with it you will get Hard Antler to be able to craft the Pickaxe.

As we mentioned before, we recommend carrying a bow or weapons for ranged attack for this battle, as well as a shield to cover you from their attacks, make sure you develop a strong character, a good home and do things like tame wild boars and establish a farm, before to start the battle.

And when you face him, keep your distance and protect yourself until you deplete his health bar.

 Now that you know how to get Pickaxe in Valheim, we hope it was as useful as possible, you have managed to finish off Eikthyr to obtain everything you need to make this tool.

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