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Valheim has many tasks for us, and it is pertinent to tell you about How to get Swamp Key.

Why get swamp key in Valheim?

Throughout the game we find many biomes, in which there are secrets and dangers in each one of them, in the one of the swamp in specific we have that there is an important object to get, and it is a key, with which we come to power Access the crypts that are closed in this biome, which will help us obtain a series of treasures and more resources such as iron, leather and withered bones, without overlooking the dangers that we are going to face, then it is timely for us to know how to get swamp key, details come below.
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How to get swamp key in Valheim?

It is necessary to go to the black forest biome, here we get the copper ore, we will face the brutes and shamans of the Graydwarves to obtain 3 seeds that they drop, we must find the location of an altar in this black forest, according to the seed we are going to have the precise coordinates from the altars, these seeds must then be placed on the altar, which allows the invocation of one of the bosses of the game, the old man, in the battle it will bring support that make the confrontation something complicated, it is important rely on cooperative mode to balance the situation, when we have finally won we will get swamp key as loot, which allows us to access the loot found in the crypts of the swamp biome, there are certainly obstacles to dodging in the dungeons but having defeated the old man will give us the assurance of not having problems to achieve it.

 In this sense, knowing How to get Swamp Key allows us to have other important resources in Valheim.

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