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2021-02-09 07:28:57

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To start Valheim on the right foot, today we will be telling you how to get feathers.

What are the feathers in Valheim?

It corresponds to one of the most difficult resources to cultivate, it can be cultivated from birds. Although you can also find feathers in the chests of certain biomes such as Black Forest and Meadows if you have clear luck.

How to get feathers in Valheim?

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First, you will have to bow.

Then you will have to start looking for a good bow, we recommend one from Finewood, easy to use and easy to create from minute one.

Is this ready ?, then he starts running around the world in open areas in search of birds. Just remember not to hunt them while they fly. So when you see one, follow it until it stops to rest somewhere. When it's come down you'll have to keep a good distance, so aim your bow and shoot.

In areas near the sea it is also possible to find birds.

That's all you need to know about how to get feathers in Valheim, we hope it has been as useful as possible, and you can get feathers whenever you need them.

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