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Enemies are a fundamental piece in Valheim and this allows us to tell you how to beat the modern

Who to Moder in Valheim?

  It should be noted that this game has several enemies, because specifically knowing how to beat Moder leads us to understand that this is simply the fourth boss that physically is:


  •   A black boss.
  • This is a dragon with two legs and a barbed tail.
  • This creature has white hairs on its back and legs.


  With this brief description of Moder we must concentrate on invoking him, to achieve this it is necessary to get a quantity of 3 dragon eggs, which will be placed in 3 bowls and must be taken to the sacrificial altar in the biome "the mountain", this is usually made of stones, this in order to get it to light up red which allows us to appear the boss that we will face to defeat him.
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    How to beat Moder in Valheim?

    You need to have some requirements:


    •  Unlock the protection against cold.
    • Get the wolf armor.
    • Get the frost resistance potions.
    • Equip ourselves with some amount of fire arrows this in order to do damage.


     However, this enemy has the ability to mobilize both on the ground and in the air and for this it is necessary to be prepared.

    To defeat him in the air it is necessary to launch an attack so that it can fall and proceed to make it land, only at this point it is necessary to dodge the attacks that it may inflict on us, we must also keep a certain distance and shoot with the arrows both as possible.

    On the other hand, fighting against this boss on the ground is another option and for this it is ideal to be attentive to the attacks it can inflict on us, since it has a blizzard breath that has the ability to freeze us, in addition to slowing us down for at least 15 seconds, which makes it perfect for this boss to do some hits, this makes it necessary to make use of our frost resistance potions.

    There is another attack that this boss can execute on the ground, and it is a blow with any of its claws, it is necessary to wait a little and prepare to execute melee attacks where we wait for it to roar and proceed to attack it because it is the moment in which will be weaker.

     In this sense, knowing How to beat Moder allows us to choose to equip ourselves and thus be victorious in Valheim.

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