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In this topic we will talk about how to get a torch in Valheim quickly and safely.

What is a torch in Valheim?

It is a structure that you will have to create to avoid dangers and take refuge from the elements, but it is also a formidable weapon to survive in battle, with 4 forceful damage and 15 fire.
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How to get a torch in Valheim?

The first thing you have to do is get a weapon for this you will have to get as many branches as possible on the ground and press E to pick it up. You can create a stick with few pieces of wood and an ax with 5 woods and 5 stones.

Then you will have to make sure to find Resin that you will find from the Greylings small brown creatures that release resin, which you will have to eat to regain health.

You will get the recipes for the torches when you have resin and wood to do so you will have to access the crafting menu and select Torch, then select Crafts.

We hope that we have been able to help you how to get a torch in Valheim so that you can protect yourself in the game from the elements you find.

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