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2021-02-05 07:31:25

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Faults are often seen everywhere and EA is no exception, let's see How to fix error code 918.

What is error code 918 in EA?

It is a restriction of access to the functions of the account that we have online, being reported by many people, certainly at first it is ideal to contact customer service, but in this guide some solutions are presented that answer How to repair the code error 918 and that come in the text ahead, let's see.

How to fix error code 918 in EA?

Being a cross-platform bug that occurs on the PS4, PS5 Xbox, and PC, there are some solutions to consider and these are as follows.
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    • Restart our device: a simple restart can be able to solve many errors, so we have the example of what to do on the Xbox and keep pressing the center button on the control, we will reach the power center and choose the option of restart console and restart, we can do the same on other platforms and if this does not resolve the error there is more to consider ahead, let's move on.
    • EA Wait: the inactivity of the server becomes the cause of this error, so it is ideal that we wait a period of time to see if this is automatically solved, because they are temporary failures and after an update they are solved, even consulting forums or community can help us determine the depth of this problem.
    • The internet connection: there are many problems that can be caused by a bad internet connection, it is important then to be sure that we have what is necessary, so we must do a check of the capabilities of our internet.
    • Customer service: if the previous options have not been able to solve this error, it is necessary that we contact the official support for this we will go to the link https://help.ea.com/en/contact-us/.

    Now that you know how to fix error code 918, you will have the freedom to enjoy everything that EA has for us.

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