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2021-02-07 19:42:19

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We continue the adventure for Valheim and this allows us to tell you How to beat the Elder, let's see.

Who is the elder in Valheim?

It should be noted that this game brings for us some number of bosses that it is necessary to defeat, specifically the Elder is one of these, only that this process leads us to locate the location where he is and invoke him, so that we know how to defeat the Elder embarks us at the opportunity of first having defeated Eikthyr, and secondly, having made some little progress. In this sense, it is necessary to locate him and this leads us to have to interact with a runestone, in this way it is possible to get not only the location of this boss, but we must be as careful as possible because we find trolls around these sides.

Before defeating the Elder it will be necessary to invoke him and this requires getting a total of 3 ancient seeds in the dungeon chests, for this it is necessary to fight against brutes and gray shamans, these are larger than normal, for which it is ideal choose to destroy the gray dwarves because these usually have several levels of difficulty and are usually somewhat less complex to destroy to opt for the seeds and thus sacrifice them in the Alter, as it is the local way to summon the Elder.
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    The seeds are propped up by ancients are propitiated by:

    Shamans: to get the seeds of these it is necessary to hook up with the shamans as soon as possible, because this, although it is true, has the ability to heal other gray dwarves that are near the poison cloud, they can poison us.

     Gross gray shamans: These can turn out to be complex enemies, as they have melee attacks, however and even when they are difficult, it is necessary to take care of getting them to drop the seeds we require.

    How to beat the Elder in Valheim?

    It is necessary to take into account that this combat can become a bit long, the idea is to work as a team, as this can be done as soon as we have obtained the 3 ancient seeds, because it is the necessary element to invoke it, however, we must consider being careful and this is because it will have some enemies of ours around it, which makes us use:


    •  Fire arrows or bronze arrows to execute ranged attacks.
    • Copper weapons ideal for melee attacks.


     In this sense, it is necessary to consider some details and these are:


    •  Be careful because this boss will be in charge of launching liana attacks towards us.
    • We must be vigilant because we choose to raise our arm to invoke some roots against us.
    • It is necessary to keep a safe distance because it tends to step on the ground to cause us harm.

     This is everything you need to know about How to beat the Elder, now you can give yourself the opportunity to fight this boss and continue in Valheim.

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    2 FEB 2021
    Single-player, multiplayer
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