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Valheim allows us to do many things and this leads us to tell you how to make a Smelter.

What is a Valheim Smelter?

It is an object with which we will be able to convert basic elements into something of higher quality, it happens in the case of those elements from stones to pass them to leather and metal minerals, the creation of an endless number of objects is possible by knowing how to do a Smelter and it is timely to consider the details that follow.
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How to make a Smelter in Valheim?

It is required that we have Surtling Cores x5 and stones x20, then it is necessary that we choose the hammer and with the F key make the change of production tab where we will enter the Smelter, which we will put near the workbench so that the objects are cast, having the Smelter it is possible to manufacture objects and weapons that depend on iron as a basis, it is important to have all the resources before using the Smelter.

It is important to bear in mind that it is necessary that we use pieces of carbon x2 for each of the iron or copper minerals that we are going to melt, at the end of the process the iron or copper bars are obtained to be able to manufacture the objects, while we are progressing in the game this function will be a great support, having the opportunity to access many objects, where we fill the right and left side with coal with the metal we want to work with.

 Definitely knowing how to make a Smelter is a promising task that we can only do in Valheim.

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