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Angel Marquez
2020-11-13 17:31:03

More about: The Pathless

With our The Pathless guide you will learn more about How to beat Cernos.

Who is Cernos at The Pathless?

This is our first of the confrontations that we will have, it is one of the guardian bosses of the world which was infected by the assassin of God, our purpose being to bring him back to light we will be before a battle that is divided into 3 phases and that Prior to this we will go through the duty of returning the light to 3 lighthouses that are all over the map, for this we must get the eagle tokens that we will do when completing the puzzles, thus activating the 3 obelisks and we will move on to this confrontation, now To know how to beat Cernos, let's move on to the next content.

How to beat Cernos in The Pathless?

  • The first phase: here we find that the boss will be fleeing so we must continue, shooting at the different objects that are scattered around us on the plains so that our meter is seen as we progress, the 6 legs of this will be our objective with the arrows, seeing their speed increased by being able to hit a pair of their legs, what they intend to do is to leave us behind taking advantage of the shock waves of the fire that will come out of the ground, it is necessary that we jump to avoid them and avoid the fire when continuing running, it is important that all 6 targets are destroyed and with our special attack do considerable damage.
  • The second phase: we will meet in the coliseum, this time projectile shots are fired against us, it is necessary to jump and plan to see that it jumps in our direction unleashing shock waves with fire, we must avoid it when going to the sides and to the At the same time shoot towards the legs of this and this we must do until a scene is presented in The Pathless.

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  • The Third phase: we now find that in order to know how to beat Cernos in the final phase, he will create a ring around us that will be made of fire, which prevents us from running through most of the ground, in turn It will throw some fireballs, so it is necessary to jump and run to avoid that they reach us, then it will send a larger ball, so we hold down the R2 to aim it and shoot an arrow to have the objective well full around us, in this way we will achieve that the fireball is returned against the boss, this we will do a couple of times so that it becomes stunned, so we will shoot an arrow in the eye of its head, then this It will come towards us running and in its path it will leave fire, here we jump and run away so that it ends up crashing against a pillar of the coliseum, doing this a couple of times will lead us to give it the coup de grace, with the circle we will use the esp e cial movement to defeat him, managing to obtain the will of Cernos as a reward, something that will help us to increase our race meter and thus run for a longer time.

Knowing how to beat Cernos is interesting, since it allows us to develop and have more fun in The Pathless.

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