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We invite you to discover How to get falcon flap energy, a new task in The Pathless.

What to know about the hawkfin energy in The Pathless?

It is a mechanic that represents a very important role for the game, the use of our falcon, it is the most effective way to explore but it requires such energy to be able to use it, this happens is to jump to grab hold of the falcon's claws , which we will do by pressing the cross button a couple of times on our PS4 or PS5, in this way we will reach great heights in the air, thus having access to places out of reach, each fin costs a fin energy of hawk, we are going to see it on our screen to be held by the hawk, at the beginning we will not have any energy so it is necessary that we know how to obtain the energy of the hawk fin and it is what will be presented in the content below, let's see.

How to get the hawk fin energy in The Pathless?

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    We have 2 options to obtain it, one is through the yellow fin energy crystals, which are possible to find throughout the map, these can be outdoors, where we only have to go through some platforms to reach them, but others require that we solve some puzzles, shots of arrows that have a trajectory that leads to light some torches or even puzzles that require orders for our falcon, for each puzzle that we complete we will earn a number of crystals, the more difficulty there is to obtain more, of This way we will fill a yellow meter that we have on the screen, when it is completely filled we get a hawk fin, with which we will reach higher places by pressing the cross 2 or more times and for the other option that will take us to obtain energy is to beat the bosses, which we have that there are 3 in the game, for each of them we get an additional fin Finally, we will possibly get the trophy of the Master of the sky if we manage to obtain 10 energies.

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