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2020-11-13 10:35:57

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This time we bring a The Pathless guide, in order to explain how to control your falcon.

What to know about the falcon in The Pathless?

The role of the falcon is of vital importance in the game, it will be of great support in our performance in the different situations we will go through, certainly from the beginning it will not be by our side but the moment it joins us, its role is outstanding However, we must have an idea of ​​how to control your falcon and that is what we will see next.

How to control your falcon in The Pathless?

One of the different ways of interacting with our hawk is through the use of a circle on our PS4 or PS5, with which we will tell it to look for objects that we will move, among which we have weights for example, which They will be useful in solving a puzzle, with the circle our hawk will pick them up and can take them to a specific place marked, then with the same button we let them fall, even during the battles with the bosses the circle serves us for the hawk to attack, only as long as said boss is on the verge of being defeated, for this a notice of possible use is presented.

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By pressing the cross button twice we have another option of the flight capacity of our hawk, jumping into the air and holding on to its claws, it will take us a long distance and if we press the cross button again we will arrive at heights that will be out of reach, only that fin energy is required for this, if we seek to do this it is necessary that we have it before and finally we can make our falcon sit in our embrace and we can caress it with the square, now it is possible that after going through an encounter with a boss, the falcon is covered in evil energy, so with the square we will clean it of this and thus continue with the tasks in which this friend is required.

It is clear that knowing how to control your falcon allows us to have more fun in The Pathless.

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