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The Division 2: How to get god rolls

2020-03-04 13:09:12

On this occasion we return with a guide of The Division 2 with the objective of explaining how to obtain god rolls precisely.

  The objects are of great impact in The Division 2, since with these we can face the countless different enemies that we will encounter, causing more damage, having more health and fighting against the NPCs that hinder us, the recent expansion that we have present in the game, It leads us to seek an answer as to one of those contents added by it, so we will see in this guide How to get god rolls, let's see what needs to be done about it.

What should we know about God's scrolls in The Division 2?


 The rolls of God, mean that we will have the best statistics, features and we will be close to the perfect in all our movements in the game, it is good to have an idea how to know if we have an object of such magnitude, the small bar that is located below The team allows us to easily know if we have this object, while this bar is more to the right means that our capabilities are high in that feature to play, say for example that a weapon gives us the ability to damage the head, it is possible that let's raise this damage according to the location of the red bar, if it points further to the left, it will be indicative of the need for a similar object to use more damage, if it is to the right we have to keep it.


 It is possible that we have in one of these rolls large capacities, highlighting that despite this it is not perfect, so we have to consider sending it to the recalibration library, with this we can save any roll that belongs to an article, for later use it in any other piece that is of greater pleasure, so we can have these rolls linked with our favorite items, in addition, if it is the opposite case we do not want a roll in any of our items, we can remove it and place another one for that one, of this We will take our weapons to the comforts we want, let's go ahead with the solution How to get god rolls.


How to get god rolls in The Division 2?


 Luck will play an important factor in our intentions to get god rolls, for this we must have the most complicated confrontations of the game, the recent expansion will take us through the campaign and with some patience we will be involved in fights against the new Manhunts, this they consist of events present in every 3 weeks in the season, but that occur every 12 weeks, once we manage to complete the 4 objectives, we will unlock the main objective, which obviously will bring with it the best prize, in addition, there is the participation of the weekly and global events that start in each week, for season one in which it starts on March 10, with the Warlords of New York purchase we will access this, then from here there is the option to buy the season pass , being its cost of 10 dollars and appears every 12 weeks.

 We hope that this information presented in this The Division 2 guide will be useful for the solution of How to obtain god rolls and thus have a better performance in our game.

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Google Stadia
Action role-playing, Third person shooter
Ubisoft Massive
Ubisoft, Epic Games Store
Release date:
March 15, 2019

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