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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-12-29 15:10:55

Guide to learn How to dive into Super Meat Boy Forever

 In the new version of Super Meat Boy it has been seen that it retains certain characteristics such as its complex gameplay and although its game changed from pure platforms to an infinite runner, the lower margin of error in the movement is still compensated with larger and more dangerous levels.

Even so, the start will be more complicated than you think, especially if it is the first time you come across the game. One of the things that can be difficult for you is the floating jump (something that keeps the original). To make this jump you will have to measure well the pressure and other details that you do not know now. Because of this you may need to dive, and if you have no idea how to dive, look no further! That in this guide we will tell you how to do it correctly.

How do I dive into Super Meat Boy Forever?

The jump as we mentioned before is pressure sensitive, so you can moderate the height of your jump. However, this is not always enough if you need to fall very fast, and the game leaves you with obstacles even in the first world where a simple jump is not enough.

One of the things you can do is (possibly) dive into the air, and a timely press can help you avoid circular saws in no time. Similar to how you would slide across the floor while running, you can press and hold the analog stick or the down arrow on the keyboard while in the air.

While holding it down, it will make a sharp downward turn at high speed. You will also use the punching technique, so you must eliminate any enemy that is ahead. It's also useful for speeding up those track times, as the targets for getting A are very tight.

  Now that you know how to dive into Super Meat Boy Forever you will be able to overcome the obstacles that this game places for you, but only at the beginning because later on it will be more complicated. Luck!

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