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Guide to learn where to find ancient carvings in Genshin Impact

 In the popular game of Genshin Impact there are a lot of puzzles that you must solve to advance in it. This time we will focus on the puzzles found in Dragonspine. You should know that there are at least 8 ancient carvings around the map and if you have no idea where to find ancient carvings, don't worry! You are in the right place to find out. Read on to find out the details of its location.

Where to find ancient carvings in Genshin Impact?

As we mentioned, all the ancient carvings that we will mention on this occasion are found in Dragonspine. We will mention them below:

  • The first of the sizes as we mentioned at the beginning. It is not mandatory to light all the torches, but we recommend that you do so and then check the tablet.
  • The second is the fastest to get because it is near the symbol door. Make your way to this waypoint and slide into the small cave below. Here you will see the tablet and symbols on the wall that you have obtained so far.
  • You can find it near the Domain in the area. You must complete the secondary mission "In the mountains". To access this area.

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    • The next one is here on the map and is protected by a new ruin guard model. You will have to shake it to read the tablet.
    • This carving is protected by a puzzle. Underneath the ice is unbreakable ice that requires some local red mineral. Break the mineral, get the red upgrade around you, and break the ice to find the tablet there.
    • For this carving, it will require you to do the In the Mountains side quest listed above. You can find the tablet underground once you gain access to that part of the area.
    • The last two are inside the Starglow Caverns. You must enter and head to the top of the area to find one near a large sleeping ruin guard. From there, turn around, and you will have to slide towards another secret door in the area. Obtaining all the symbols necessary for the chest to claim as a reward.
    • From the same chest you can get new Claymore recipes, which you will have to use in your inventory to learn. Head over to the blacksmith after that, and you can start crafting it, assuming you have all the materials.

     Now that you know where to find ancient carvings in Genshin Impact you will receive a good reward that if you know how to take advantage of it you will be able to do many things. Luck!

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