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Guide to learn how to complete the Secret Most Wanted Challenge in Fortnite

  With the special Halloween season in full swing, it turns out they added a special challenge to spice up the event even more with this special crossover between Marvel and Fortnite. To know how to complete the secret challenge of the most wanted we have created this guide to make the job easier with the amount of others are waiting for you to be completed. Stay to find out more!
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How to complete the Secret Most Wanted Challenge in Fortnite?

The mission we are focusing on this time is called "Most Wanted" in English. The secret challenge requires the player to search for secret graffiti locations on the map. The locations turns out to be the heaviest but once you know where each one is located, the rest will be simple.

Focusing on the locations this time, it turns out that there are 3 in total. The secret locations are hidden on the map, but to find them you only need to travel to one of them to complete the mission. At these locations, players must find graffiti art sprayed on a wall depicting a half-robot, half-gnome face.

  • The first graffiti location is in the upper left of the map next to Coral Castle. The robot gnome graffiti is located on the left side of the shark's mouth, within the shark's point of view.
  • The second graffiti is located in the southern area of ​​the map in Hydro 16, near the bottom of the curse. It is sprayed on a wall in the water over a couple of boxes.
  • This last graffiti is on the southeastern end of the Fortnite map near Camp Cod. The robot gnome is spray painted under the broken building, right next to the beach with a couple of vases next to it.

Once players reach one of these locations, they should receive a pop-up window informing them that they completed the Most Wanted challenge.

The reward for completion is a 10,000 XP bonus, just for taking a couple of seconds to admire the cool art. This is one of the easiest challenges and pays tribute to the secret challenge "Downfall" from week 8, so compared to others you can complete it quickly.

This mission is not in the Battle Pass menu, so it is easy to miss. Hopefully, players can locate one of the secret locations and gain some additional experience points before it disappears.

 Now that you know how to complete the Secret Most Wanted Challenge in Fortnite you can complete this simple challenge once you know the aforementioned locations. Luck!

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