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Knowing where to find Liyue's local specialties is a necessary task in Genshin Impact, so don't miss this interesting guide.

What are Liyue's local specialties in Genshin Impact?

As we progress in this game we get a number of necessary elements, since we are immersed in a number of missions, just by completing them we can get resources and some items, because knowing where to find the local specialties of Liyue means finding the necessary items to get:


  •   Ascensions.
  • rewards.
  • Unlock the battle pass.
  • Earn EXP

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where to find local Liyue specialties in Genshin Impact?

It is necessary to consider that there are 8 different local specialties and it is necessary to collect around 100 local specialties from each one of Liyue to claim some kind of reward, which places us before a possible long task but that at the end of everything ends up being rewarding, Below is a brief description and location of Liyue's specialties in Genshin Impact.

Glacial Lily: This is a flower that grows abundantly, as it is possible to get a total of 14 in the Port of Liyue, specifically around the Yujing Terrace, on the other hand it is possible to get 7 in the Qingce Peninsula, meanwhile Going to the north of the village we can find an additional 12, as it is necessary to remember that there are two particular regions where this small blue flower usually grows, so knowing where to find the local specialties of Liyue leads us to take an interesting tour of this region.

Cor Lapis: This mineral can be found in the rocks, it is possible to move to the south of Jueyun Karst, also on the peaks of Mount Hulao and west of the Qinyun Peak because specifically in the mount there are 18 specialties, which allows us take a look at it in the caves in this region of Genshin Impact especially since it's the color of gold.

Qingxin: This is a flower that we can get on the way to Quinyun Peak and the Huaguang Stone Forest, about eight, in addition to four others that we can locate grouped on the island at the end of the road, on the other hand reaching Qingyun Peak allows us have the opportunity to get some amount specifically 3 in the mountain and another 6 west of the town of Qingce in a rocky region, so that this small pale blue flower can only be found in complex places such as areas Liyue Rockies.

Jueyun Chili: Our tour of knowing where to find the local specialties of Liyue makes us mobilize in search of this flower, since directly in the village of Qingce there are at least 4 specimens, then we move a little north because there is a island that contains two more, it is necessary to be so careful with the edge of the river in this region of Genshin Impact since on these sides there may be more of these glazed lilies.

Silk flower: This is one of the complex flowers, it is reddish in color, especially since they are usually found scattered around the map, on the road south of the Dihua swamp it is possible to get seven of them, another seven we can get between the limits west of Liyue Port close enough to Yujing Terrace, for there are fourteen flowers that are rare enough that they are not difficult to obtain, especially if we base ourselves on the fact that there are some specimens that can be not only rare but also difficult to find.

Violetgrass: we continue our way to know where to find the local specialties of Liyue and we concentrate on this type of resource that are usually scattered, because if we move a little towards the sir cliffs it will be possible to find a total of twenty, on the facades of the south cliffs to the north of Liyue Port it is possible to get a total of four, however, on the way to Qingyun Peak to Huaguang Stone Forest we can get some of these flowers grouped by four, another place in which it is possible Finding these purple bulbs is on the outskirts of Mingyun village in Genshin Impact.

Jade Noctilucos: Our search to know where to find the local specialties of Liyue becomes a bit long but necessary in Genshin Impact, it is necessary to move around the world map since this allows us to have around 18, west of the Port of Liyue in the top of Mount Tianheng we can find 4 more, on the other hand it is necessary to consider that going to the town of Mingyun on the south side it is possible to see these resources in quantity, which means that even when they are rare it is possible to find them without much difficulty.

Starconch: This is one of the items that are easier to find and this is because our job is to locate some blue snail shells with a white star in the middle, we can do this on the beach of the islands to the east of Northland Bank.

 Now that you know where to find Liyue's local specialties, it's time to take a walk to perform this quest in Genshin Impact.

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