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Streets of Rage 4 has not been saved from the problems, let's see How to fix error 0xc000007b

What is Streets of Rage 4 about?

Before proceeding to specifically talk about how to fix error 0xc000007b, it is good to remember that this game is simply the most recent installment that has come out of this street fighting game where it has made a certain amount of changes for the better, as more than two decades have passed Since the previous installment, implying a considerable amount of time, this installment is simply a tribute to the original Mega Drive sequel, where the main characters have once again come out because the bad guys are on the streets and they need to be caught. to get a fight.

How to fix error 0xc000007b in Streets of Rage 4?

Virtually no game will be saved from suffering some kind of error, since something will always be sold, no matter how minimal it is, and some type of inconvenience will have to happen that we have to get out of something to solve it and continue our task.

Sometimes they are problems that make us change some things directly on our computers, but in this particular case, knowing how to correct the error 0xc000007b leads us to have to download vcredist from Microsoft, fix our problem on the PC if it is necessary to restart it. If for some reason the previous solution has not given the results that we expect, then it is time to install something else and then we will give the necessary details.

How do I install the full Streets of Rage 4 package?

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    To install it you need to do the following:

    • Note that not everything can be installed in one fell swoop, so it will be necessary to go one by one.
    • Start with the year 2005 and proceed to install the files inside, bearing in mind that it is worth having both installed.
    • Arrive with the installation until the year 2015, then after here it is possible to test Streets of Rage 4.

    Note: By following the steps that follow frequently we give you an answer to our problem on How to correct the error 0xc000007b, but it is also necessary to erase all the garbage and errors from our windows, since the stability and performance of the game are two vital things, and There is even the possibility of giving a solution not only to our objective error raised here, since this incorrect operation is possible and viable for other errors.

    There is the possibility of getting us with the error 0xC0000005 only in this particular case it is necessary to access the Microsoft store again and download another game, then restart the window and try again, or we can just uninstall the game and install another game from the microsoft store and voila.

    What are the errors that we can correct with the information given above in Streets of Rage 4?

    Some errors of this game can be solved with the same procedure previously mentioned, since the only thing that will be necessary is to click on Accept to obtain the application that can be closed since normally we give ourselves the application has not been to close correctly and then we mention these mistakes :

    • 0xc000007b.
    • 0xC000007b00.
    • 0xC0000142.
    • 0x80070666.
    • 0xc00000fd.
    • 0xc000001d.
    • 0x0000000000e.
    • 0xc0000022.
    • 0x000013.

    Some errors like 0xc0000x7b lead us not only to click on Accept to close the application when it has not closed correctly, but also to get other details such as:

    • The exception error: 0xc0000005.
    • The fault offset: 0x000000000031.
    • Faulty app name

    Out of set error: 0x887a0005, implying with this the possibility of reaching an unhandled request, for which it is necessary to click Continue, as with this we will ensure that the application simply ignores said error.

    What are the recommended versions of Windows to play Streets of Rage 4?

    Without a doubt, knowing How to correct the error 0xc000007b is simply not a complicated task but that we do not pay the necessary attention will put us in trouble, but to these solutions it is good to incorporate all the details and this implies the version of Windows that are the following .

    • 64-bit Microsoft Windows 10. (recommended)
    • Microsoft Windows 8 32-bit
    • Microsoft Windows7 32-bit.

    Definitely it is necessary to know how to fix error 0xc000007b because this allows us to obtain a fullness of Streets of Rage 4, so if you have any problem do not hesitate to apply our guide.

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    Single-player, multiplayer
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