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Knowing how to play Rush mode is important since it allows us to fight against quite formidable characters in Streets of Rage 4.

What is Streets of Rage 4?

This is just the latest installment of the fighting game that had already been more than two decades without showing up, it was already a long enough wait and has finally returned to revive fond memories, return to the arena of combat and make every one of the battles has something different.

The fight is the main feature of this game in the previous sagas and with this installment this was not going to change, in addition it is possible to see the misbehaving bosses who also join the ring allowing us to become stronger as they advance in level, and The Good thing is that it allows us to use interesting modes, so knowing how to play Rush mode used to keep us somewhat confused, but that has been changing significantly.

Normally this classic is focused on the characters and their fighting skills, allowing us to keep the retro look, which makes it quite gratifying and nostalgic at the same time, what if you are waiting for this fourth installment for many years ago and even This 2020 has been possible, the good is always waiting and Streets of Rage 4 has succeeded

Exactly what is Rush mode in Streets of Rage 4?

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    Before knowing how to play the Rush mode it is necessary to take into account what it is, and it is that this is a mode that presents us with more challenges, since at this point it is stained glass to get the characters to master their skills perfectly, because fights occur here against at least 11 boss characters and these are usually strong.

    The combat against the bosses occurs only once and often tends to occur in the streets of Wood Oak, the detail here is to have enough health and abilities to the maximum, since the battle gives you completely since it is not possible to fight a time and save to return later, here the fight takes place successively but with the possibility of demonstrating our full potential.

    How to play Rush mode in Streets of Rage 4?

    Let's start by counting that this mode is unlocked after having gone through all the Story mode, and a certain level of difficulty, since it involves carrying out the boss attack, defeating the twins and the twins of Wood Oak, which in reality for many is not not easy but not impossible to achieve, here we need to set ourselves the goal of achieving the way and spending some time together with effort.

    Once we got the mode we felt a little bit of reassurance, because we feel more free, since we really are strong, and even better when we manage to complete the main game, because there is already the possibility that the next challenges may be easily easy to execute , it is good to recognize that the effort to achieve it really pays off.

    In one form or another of saber How to play Rush mode simply offers us the possibility of being strong and being able to face stronger challenges in Streets of Rage 4.

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