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Our tour of today brings us a talk about PS4 and the need to know how to fix error code WS-37403-7, let's see.

The presence of an error code in the PS4 console has been evident, and this causes some impact since it is exactly one of the most developed and distributed on the entire planet, taking into account that to date it has around 80 million of players approximately, and it is extremely thanks to this that the information about a failure has been recurring, which leads us to get some way of knowing how to correct the error code WS-37403-7, since the ideal is not to present any type of inconvenience

What causes error code WS-37403-7in PS4?

Before knowing how to correct the WS-37403-7 error code, it is necessary to find out exactly what causes it, especially based on the number of users who have reported this problem and here we describe what causes these problems to occur:

Maintenance interruption.

Some updates released by Sony may get the servers which may have some short maintenance breaks which means temporary connectivity issues presenting the error to us.
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Incorrect DNS settings.

Although the PS4 has the ability to establish some secure and stable connection with the servers, but even so it is likely that some DNS settings have simply not been entered correctly, especially if there is the possibility of having the console it could not the Red.

Have outdated software.

Normally our console must be updated with the latest software to allow us to connect and play, since this error usually occurs when we have our PlayStation 4 outdated

How to fix error code WS-37403-7 in PS4?

The first thing that we must take into account to solve this error is to follow all the indications as presented below, contacting the possibility of having the corrected DNS settings, now we will see exactly how to correct the code of error WS-37403-7.

It is necessary to click OK and select "Refresh", in case the PS4 cannot be selected, it is vital to return to the menu again.

Then navigate until you reach "Settings" where it will be necessary to select "Red".

Next we will have to click on the option "Test internet connection", waiting a moment for the test to be completed, and we can guarantee the results of "Obtain the IP address" and "Internet connection", whatever are expected

Then, the login option can show us the fault or error code, which takes us to directions to the network configuration page.

We proceed to select "Configure Internet connection", and then click on customize.

Then we select "Automatic" for the IP address settings and "Do not specify" for the DHCP host name.

Then it is necessary to click on "Manual" to make the DNS settings and proceed to click on "Primary Address", where "" Will be required.

Then it will be necessary to click on "Secondary address", and proceed to write "", where you must enter the primary and secondary DNS for our console, then click on "Next", and check that the problem in our PS4 has been solved.

In conclusion, knowing how to fix error code lWS-37403-7 eads us to locate some important updates to make our PS4 console simply yield the desired results.

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