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The action in Streets of Rage 4 simply does not stop so today we are going to tell you how to combat

What does Streets of Rage 4 bring to us?

After more than two decades, a delivery of Streets of Rage 4 returns and presents us with many struggles, with a more interesting gameplay, with some tricks under the hood that can allow us to combat with more comfort, some movements and graphics have been incorporated, as well as online and offline cooperation thereby allowing us to know how to combat something less complicated and we can feel at home.

How to combat using the basic attack in Streets of Rage 4?

The basic attack is a movement that we execute while we are playing here and it can consist of a combo with about 4 or 5 blows, of course this depends on the character we are using, these without phenomenal ones to use at the beginning of a combat, because with it it is possible that our enemy is stunned and this simply implies an advantage, only that it is necessary to be moderately careful since the enemies are simply quite an unsolved puzzle.

When we are playing on Xbox One, executing the basic attack is quite simple, since it will only be necessary to press X on the controller, in such a way that it is possible to execute forceful blows that allow us to fly our enemies, counting on the idea of ​​knowing how combat, because despite attacking some enemies and even knocking them to the ground, there is the possibility that more enemies will arise in a combat in Streets of Rage 4.

Knowing how to combat allows us to use the Basic Attack and it is precisely this that allows us to incorporate a little more scope into our swing, to progress a bit more with our characters in Streets of Rage 4, because although the charge is brief we will have enough time to get a hit forceful only by holding down the basic attack button.
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    How to combat with a basic attack and a rear attack in Streets of Rage 4?

    Attacks are the main attraction of this combat game, and it is not only necessary to execute only basic attacks, since we can combine it with rear attacks to get more impact, this is quite easy to execute, since we will have to execute the rear attack, this means that it is necessary to hit the enemies that may be behind us, for this it is necessary to execute the basic attack and then press R2 if we are on PS4 or RT if we are on Xbox One.

    An interesting option to know How to combat without a doubt is the execution of fast attacks that allow us to shoot down enemies to shorten distance and with the basic attacks it is interesting, based on the previous execution where enemies tend to move a little, for this is pretty good jumping and this is accomplished with X.

    One way to ensure that enemies cannot surround us in Streets of Rage 4 is simply to use the jump button (X), since when we are with enemies we jump through the air and then hit the ground and thereby manage to scatter the enemies in such a way that Standing up again will simply be easy.

    How to combat with special attacks in Streets of Rage 4?

     Special attacks are a fundamental part in this game, with them it is possible to practically eliminate most of the enemies which include the bosses, the goal here is to be invulnerable. Special attacks are simply defense and we have the ability to block some ways to harm ourselves, in addition to having the possibility of recovering the health we have spent fighting, special attacks can be achieved regularly without suffering major consequences.

    The button to execute the special attacks in Streets of Rage 4 is (Y), and since it is a stronger attack it will normally consume much more health, but only after having executed this attack will our health bar turn green again.

    Double pressing the basic attack button allows you to make lightning attacks with any character, while we are performing between the basic attack and special attack, because at this point where Cherry is quite useful, since it has an excellent increase in mobility, While Flyod has a short range, the others are simply in between.

    Simply dodging in Streets of Rage 4 is a bit complicated or in that case it cannot be executed, for this it is necessary to unlock Adan Hunter, because with it we can get to dodge at a short distance in any direction just by executing a double blow from the front or the back, It is important to master the ability of evasion, because when it is finally mastered, survival simply becomes easier, thereby allowing us to cause some surprise blows, especially the emphasis is placed on this character necessary to know how to combat because he is one of the star characters from the original game.

    Another of the characters with which it is interesting to fight is Flyod, this is due to the ability to move much more easily while we have our enemy, here we encounter some drawbacks and it is the possibility of getting us some obstacles, so it will be necessary worry about throwing a ledge or simply throw our enemies, as this is usually done when we see that our other characters have simply been paralyzed.

    Floyd simply has a unique effect, and although normally each character has the possibility of fighting an enemy just by walking and heading towards it, getting the possibility of receiving some free blows will be necessary to show all the potential that Floyd can have.

    How to take objects in Streets of Rage 4?

    In this game we are presented with the possibility of getting some interesting objects, and the first thing we should know is that to collect the objects we must make use of (B), the important thing is to take into account that they do not break when we have thrown them.

    These are the objects that we can take in this game:

    •  Air weapons.
    • Swords.
    • Bats

     Obviously knowing how to combat puts us one step ahead of our enemies in Streets of Rage 4 so that the fight is not very complex for us.

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    Single-player, multiplayer
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