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Clash of Clans: How upgrade your village - build Guide

2020-05-05 13:39:18

Today we bring you a Clash of Clans guide, where we will explain how to upgrade your village with precise details.

 In Clash of Clans it is necessary that there is an optimal functioning of things at all times, which makes it of great importance that the constructions that we make are with the appropriate strategy, where improvements will play a very important role in terms of structures such as buildings, the practice of this will lead us to a more precise performance in the use of the capabilities that we have, so we will know how to upgrade your village and with the help of this guide we will have all the answers, let us follow with great attention the next content.

What to know about upgrade your village in Clash of Clans?

In order for us to get the most out of the game, it is necessary to carry out the necessary improvements in the buildings, where the existing priorities must be considered for the most key when wanting to progress, the most important details of how to improve Your village and the advantages that this brings us, will be presented in content that comes from here on, taking into account the precise places to improve.

How to upgrade your village in Clash of Clans?

 We are the most outstanding structures that are most prioritized for our performance in Clash of Clans.

  •  The Army Camps: In response to how to improve your village there are many places that represent key points in the abilities to function, here we have the army camps, which will allow us to add at least 5 more soldiers when reaching higher levels. , being more support to have more camps, by making improvements to at least 4 camps, we will have useful space for the inclusion of an additional dragon, which can serve as a maneuver in our composition of a Golem or Lava Hound, in the improvement of firepower that will strengthen us in order to pass over a city council of a higher level, among the priorities are these camps, let us take it into account.
  • Storage containers and resource collectors: In this necessary improvement in Clash of Clans, we find the importance of storage containers and resource collectors, the capacities of these cannot be maximum because they become constant. updates, which allows them to be almost always empty, among the solutions to how to improve your specific village is important, because we will access a large amount of resources instantly, maintained by the clan's castle, with the In order to have potions with a higher production due to our frequent way of playing, they certainly are not very effective if we get to compare agriculture with resources, so collectors should have the highest priority.
  • The Clan Castle: Having among the improvements to the clan castle comes with many advantages in Clash of Clans, which will allow us to become part of a clan, thus agreeing to be able to request troops, participate in wars and in the clan leagues, even with money as part of our treasure allows us to get stars in the different multiplayer battles, which related to how to improve your village, will be very useful when making this improvement, having access to the maximum of the characteristics, in the number of troops that can be requested, it will also be possible that in the following levels the spells and siege machines we can request, in short our requests will have more weight.
  • The Barracks: While we are progressing through the different levels of the town hall, we are going to find that our enemies will have new defenses, that to bring down it will be very useful for us to know how to improve your village, the barracks and the dark barracks are among the improvements necessary, due to the need that the attacks as well as the strategies are of greater capacities, for each of the updates we make we will have a new unit, which brings with it a different vision of the game or the use of the strategies of our attacks, it is important to note that for all the troops the updates will not be of positive impact, because not all of them become useful, but they will be necessary, the improvements that we will make in these Clash of Clans headquarters must reach the point that the Troop trainings become almost unnecessary, allowing you to be in action earlier.
  • The Laboratory: In Clash of Clans we have that our people and army will play a role of great importance, for this reason their forces must improve, thus achieving that our performance is optimal against the best, which we will do in terms of how to improve your village, put focus on our laboratory, thus improving our army instantly, when we manage to modernize structures such as buildings, the units will improve considerably, the units we use the most should be the most prioritized, since it is possible that in the end we will not be able to carry out all the best.
  • The Spell Factory: Among the tools in Clash of Clans of greater power we have spells, because of this is that we have so many limitations for their use, what more reason for how to improve your village is one of the most important to consider first. We can use spells for attack strategies with the best results in the end, as we are making improvements for the city council, there is a new position with the improvements, which allows us to have a more efficient strategy, we have to the lightning spell, which for example will be very useful when having to make air assaults, starting mainly in the early stages where balloons and dragons are used a lot in different ways to attack, thus ending air defenses without going through the sacrifice of the troops, improving the factory goes beyond d

  • The Walls and Traps: This element has come to be undervalued, because related in part to how to improve your village, it becomes something of a very high cost to break them, in terms of investment and the same spells, despite it the improvements will be necessary, perhaps at the end or when we want, the high prices for which we make the improvements to the walls and traps together, it is possible to make other improvements and work with them more slowly, the key traps in our performance are large bombs and aerial search mines, so we must take them into account to improve them in Clash of Clans.
  • Air defenses and splash damage Defensive buildings: Understanding how to improve your village go through air defenses, because it is possible that the maximum advantage will be found in all Clash of Clans, since the role they play is very important, for what its update must surely be a fixed decision, of course without ignoring the troops of the earth, even those that are capable of causing damage with splashes, in the same way that the towers of spells and mortars, will end up being great effectiveness against those units that are used in the cultivation attempts of our village, among them the barbarians, archers and goblins, making it a priority compared to other defenses that exist.
  • The other defenses: Against most of the armies in Clash of Clans, there is a lot of damage caused by the splash defenses, however we find many normal defenses capable of providing a lot of utility, defending ourselves from the splashes is ideal against groups of enemies, only that there is damage against the targets individually, it means that in the event that an enemy attacks with many troops, such as dragons, goals or PEKKAs, it is possible that it will take us much more time to beat them, that is why we have the cannons, X arches and the archer towers, which against the larger troops it is possible to cause more damage to a single target, thus working with the best strategies for the units small and flexible.

We can assume that one of the strategies such as LaLoon employs lava hounds to distract the hordes of balloons that are directed by the defenses, these hounds have great health, instead balloons do not, the purpose of sending the lava hounds first is that they will be in charge of absorbing the individual targets, thus gaining time for the defenses to aim at the balloons, it is certainly possible to damage the balloons with splash damage, but with the lava hound Attacking is also possible to cause damage to them, so in the end it is very important to know how to improve your village.

 Finally, now that we know how to updrade your village, it is possible to continue having fun at Clash of Clans.

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