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Guide to learn how to get metal in Hydro 16 or compact cars in the video game Fortnite

  With just 3 months to go until Season 2 of Chapter 2 finally arrives, Epic Games offers players new ways to earn a huge amount of XP in overtime while they wait for its release, making it a perfect opportunity to learn how to How to get metal in Hydro 16 or compact cars which is the main objective of the last challenge.

In any of the 2 locations that the game can give you, you must collect the indicated metal. Of course, there are some complications players should be aware of, such as the fact that the challenge is divided into several stages and that metal is the rarest material that players can collect in Fortnite.

That is why we consider it vitally important that you know how to obtain metal in Hydro 16 or compact cars and we break down the path of what would be the challenge proposed by the game.
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    Metal Collection Challenge

    The challenge proposed by Fortnite is divided into three different stages, each of which players are tasked with collecting an increasing amount of metal to earn an increasing amount of XP, totaling 90,000 XP for completing everything. .

    Requirements of each level:

    • Stage 1 - Collect 250 metals for 10,000 XP
    • Stage 2 - Collect 750 metals for 25,000 XP
    • Stage 3: Collect 1,500 metals for 55,000 XP

    At this point you may be wondering how you plan to collect those quantities since you can only carry 999 metals with you, so players are likely not to finish this stage in a single game, by releasing or using the metal they have already harvested It should allow them to collect more per game. Another good idea would be for players who focus on this challenge to head to Team Rumble, as material pickup speed increases in this mode.

    It is vitally important that you know that although we will teach you how to get metal in Hydro 16 or compact cars, it will become somewhat obsolete if the player does not know where to go during the game. The good news is that you won't have to go far from the usual points of interest to find the places in question. Hydro 16 is actually very easy to find, as it is the power station and dam on the western edge of the great lake in the southern region of the map. In this place you can find the metals and all the necessary machinery.

    As the Fortnite compact cars players can find the full lot of crushed cars near the river west of Dirty Docks.

     Once you learn how to get metal in Hydro 16 or compact cars in Fortnite and all the necessary guidelines to collect the necessary metals, it goes without saying that other players will also want to appropriate the common areas, so it is recommended to try to go As fast as possible and be ready for a battle at any time.

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