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Daniel Hidalgo
2021-01-06 15:45:16

More about: Stranded Deep

In this Stranded Deep guide we are going to tell you how to craft fuel, so pay attention.

What is the fuel in Stranded Deep for.

It is an extremely important element in the survival of the game if you want to operate machines to explore or hunt and considering that making fuel is a bit complicated, this guide includes everything you need to know to make it.

How to craft fuel in Stranded Deep.

To make fuel you will need the following ingredients:
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  • At least 4 potatoes.
  • Fuel distiller.
  • Wood fire

When you have all the ingredients you will have to make the fire and light it> then you will have to add mashed potatoes keeping in mind that each potato will give you a quarter, so having a potato plantation will be valuable.

Use a jerrycan to store the fuel and to power the Gyrocopter and the raft motor.

Thus concludes our guide on how to craft fuel in Stranded Deep, we hope it has been very useful and now that you know how to craft this element you will never miss it.

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