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Angel Marquez
2021-01-05 15:58:47

More about: Stranded Deep

With our Stranded Deep guide you will learn more about how to use the Tanning Rack.

What to know about Stranded Deep?

There are many creation options in this game, among which we will get to create a Tanning Rack but after doing so, the use of it can be difficult to understand, so it is ideal to be guided on how to use the Tanning Rack and that is what that comes in this guide below.
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How to use the Tanning Rack in Stranded Deep?

Certainly the first thing is to create it, only that we must consider the necessary materials, being these whips x4 and sticks x4, in this way the next thing is to go to the crafts' menu, having here the option that will allow us to create the Tanning Rack, then We just have to stop very close to it and equip the leather in our hand, then we enter the crafts' menu to locate the tools, where there is the option to create a piece of leather.

Among so many elements that are presented in the game, leather is of great importance, it is used very frequently, now for the use of the Tanning Rack it is required and also animal skin, which we get from the Animals when taking them off, if we become dependent on a specific animal we have to hunt it, and it is possible to have to shoot down a few animals.

 Finally, now that we know how to use the Tanning Rack we can continue to make progress on Stranded Deep.

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