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Lidia Rozo
2020-12-30 15:28:48

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Our Stranded Deep guide lets us tell you how to get fibrous leaves, let's see.

What are the fibrous leaves in Stranded Deep?

It should be noted on the one hand that it is necessary to have a total of 4 fibrous leaves to create "Lashing", on the other hand, understand that this is simply a vital resource and that fortunately we have in this game and from which it is possible to get everything profit as possible.
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How to get fibrous leaves in Stranded Deep?

 There is some amount of leaves, so that when cutting them they tend to spread on the ground, in this sense, it is important to consider the possibility of collecting them, starting with two different options that we can make, for this it is worth equipping ourselves with a knife, and of course proceed to cut either a palm tree or simply a yucca tree

 It is necessary to get a total of 4 leaves to make lashes, of course this has the advantage that the fibrous leaves can be renewable and makes it a less complex task, which implies that they grow back over the days, there is no way to worry about running out of this valuable resource.

 It is important to know that fibrous leaves are usually a resource that has several uses and that is perhaps why it ends up being a valuable element and that it can be obtained quickly, due to the amount of use that it usually has, it is worth mentioning that it was of creating whipping is possible:

  •  The water is obtained from an alembic.
  • It can be used to burn in a campfire.

 This is all we can tell you about how to obtain fibrous leaves, what is evident is that this resource is usually vital and allows us to survive in Stranded Deep.

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