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2021-01-07 07:11:55

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With our Twitch guide you will learn more about How to fix error 4000, unsupported resource format.

What to know about Twitch?

The live streaming that this service provides us have been affected by a series of errors, one of them is the 4000 Resource Format Not Support, with which the audio is deactivated when transmitting, there are a number of reasons why what this problem occurs, then if we want to understand how to fix error 4000, unsupported resource format, it is appropriate to see what may be the cause of this error, there are many details to consider and that will be presented from now on in this guide, let's see them.

What to know about error 4000, Resource Format Not Support in Twitch?

The 4000 error focuses on letting us know that the video is not available or that our browser does not support the video format, considering this fact it is good to know that the formats supported in Twitch are MP4, AVI, MOV and FLV in combined AAC audio with h264 codec, this reaching 10Mbps and 1080p / 60FPS bit rate, there are important considerations to see How to fix error 4000, Resource Format Not Support, one of them is the time the video gets to stay on the site web, which occurs up to 14 days for its elimination in case of not being non-turbo users, but otherwise it is 60 days.

The cache and Cookies can be corrupted, where the cache is responsible for reducing the loading time and the cookies reduce the time in the sites for the navigated, when these are corrupted the application and the browser are then affected, then it is necessary to consider As for How to fix error 4000, Resource Format Not Support some details for correction, if we have another audio transmission this can be an obstacle that causes a failure in the audio feedback, which interferes directly, in relation With this, if we use Chrome as a browser, the automatic playback option is capable of causing this problem as well, another factor to consider is the output device, by not choosing the correct audio driver or simply not having compatibility with the device, you have to consider.
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How to fix error 4000, Resource Format Not Support in Twitch?

In the first few changes it is possible that the current plays a role in this situation, so regarding How to repair the error 4000, Resource Format Not Support is the first step, then starting from the persistence of the error, a series of solutions to return to using Twitch again normally and these are the following:


 The change of the Autoplay configuration for Chrome: this change must be made so that the video files have to be played manually in our browser, possibly managing to respond positively as to How to fix error 4000, Resource Format Not Support and for this we will do the following:

  •  Open a tab
  • We write in the address bar chrome: flags and we give enter
  • You have to reach the automatic reproduction policies to choose that the document user activation is necessary
  • We reboot to Chrome and try to access the Twitch stream


 Delete the cache in Chrome: to be able to with this solution, the following steps must be taken:

  •  We start Google Chrome
  • We enter the vertical ellipse icon to get to the menu
  • Tighten in settings
  • Tighten in advanced
  • Click on delete browsing data
  • Check the boxes for cookies, cache images and files
  • We choose the blue option to delete data
  • We update the Twitch page in the browser


 Delete cache and cookies in Firefox: related to How to fix error 4000, Resource Format Not Support for this browser, we will do the following:

  •  Enter the menu on the top right
  • We choose history
  • We choose to delete the old history
  • We go to the boxes for the elimination of the cache and cookies to verify when we see that the pop-up appears
  • We choose to clear data and update to see if the error is removed


 Clear navigation for border users:
in this case we will do the following:

  •  We choose settings, then privacy and security in the 3-point menu
  • We choose to delete browsing data
  • Enter in manage permissions and choose the history, cookies and cache data


 Clear navigation for safari users: in this case the following will be done:

  •  Enter the menu to delete history
  • We choose the time for the distance of what we are going to eliminate

Update the streaming: it is possible that in some cases the computer disconnects from the internet, it is necessary that we refresh the place or the streaming so that it loaded correctly and thus can resolve the error in Twitch, then we have to in the part top left of the window we will give you update, this near the address bar.

 The closure of other players in use: in terms of looking for How to fix error 4000, Resource Format Not Support, we have that it is a possibility that the resources of the stream for playback are affected by other players, which prevents the proper use of the audio of the site, then it is necessary that these be closed, directly in the player or by using the task manager, if it is for the latter from Mac using Windows we have to do the following:


  •  Right-click on the taskbar to choose the administrator
  • We choose each of the players in the processes tab and finish
  • We close the manager and check when reloading the flow again.


 Now if we do it from the Mac task manager using Mac, the following is done:

  •  We have to hold down Command Space Bar, to get to the Spotlight search
  • Here we write activity monitor and press return
  • We choose the activity monitor
  • We choose all the active players, and we exit the process


 The audio hardware: with the possible interference that can occur through headphones or external speakers, considering that not having the correct driver can affect the streaming in Twitch, in this case we have to remove the audio hardware from the PC and try to load the current, making the error disappear.


 The change to the desktop application: in the search to see How to fix the error 4000, Resource Format Not Support, we have that the last resort is to download the desktop version of the application, because it is possible that its operation will become more optimal than that of the web version, having other tools and functions in it.

 In this way we finish our Twitch guide, now you know how to fix error 4000, Resource Format Not Support, just enjoy it to the fullest.