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Daniel Hidalgo
2021-01-08 05:09:44

More about: Stranded Deep

If you want to know how to use the compass in Stranded Deep, pay attention, because here we will tell you how to use it.

What is the Stranded Deep compass for?

It is a tool that will be very useful, especially for navigation, as it allows you to quickly locate yourself. You can get one by searching inside the lockers found in shipwrecks.
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How to use the compass in Stranded Deep?

You can use the compass in Stranded Deep marking the degrees and points where you are going> then you will have to follow the measured degree until you reach your destination.

Note that compass degree values represent direction in the following ways:

  • North: 0 degrees or 360 degrees.
  • South: 180 degrees.
  • East: 90 degrees.
  • West: 270 degrees.

If you want to find your way back being lost, you will have to add or subtract 180 depending on the marks you have, if the value you get is greater than 180⁰, subtract 180 and if it is less than 180⁰, add 180 and follow the final value to find the way.

  This is how easy you already know how to use the compass in Stranded Deep, we hope it has been very useful and that you get the most out of this tool whenever you need it.

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