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We have made an explanatory guide in order to tell you Where to find cave carrots in Stardew Valley.

What to know about finding cave carrots in Stardew Valley?

This game offers us a diversity of natural resources that we can use, which is why we tell you Where to find cave carrots in Stardew Valley, this search is part of the game's searches, especially because this element cannot be grown in our farm.

Where to find cave carrots in Stardew Valley?

The first thing we need to know is that cave carrots cannot be grown in farms, to find them, it is necessary to venture into the depths of Pelican City Mine. It should be noted that cave carrots have the ability to restore our health and energy when in trouble, it is a good idea to have some in your pocket.

Locate Dungeons and Chests

We can get cave carrots from the mine using a shallow pickaxe or breaking chests. As we go down, there will occasionally be spots on the floor ranging from floor 1 to 30, similar to the soil we use to grow plants. If we use a pickaxe in the mines, we will sometimes find objects. It is possible to take clay and even artifacts to the museum or dig up a carrot in a cave. If we are on the Frozen floor that goes from floors 40 to 70, we can see white fields. These can be broken with weapons. Cave carrots sometimes drop, but we can also buy special fertilizers or mixed seeds.

The cave carrot is usually used for:

  • Exotic Food Hunting Package (Community Center)
  • Replenishes HP and energy.

Complete Marnie's Application

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If we're interested in completing the community center in Pelican Town, we need to put the cave carrot aside. We will need five items for the exotic collection package that is located in the workshop, and cave carrots are one of the nine items that we can give away, this is because cave carrots are common, it is advisable to use them in this package, if we check Pierre's bulletin board, maybe someone can ask us for a cave carrot, giving this requested item will strengthen our friendship with them.

If we manage to receive 3 Hearts of Friendship from Marnie, we will receive a letter from her in the mail. This will officially begin Marnie's Declaration, with no end date, so we can complete it as long as we want. This will give Marnie 100 friendship points. We must make sure that Cave Carrot is in our inventory, then we will visit Marnie's Farm located south of our farm, when it appears there.

Like any other NPC in Stardew Valley, Marnie will have her own schedule, so we must contact her during visiting hours.

  • Monday: she is home at 6:00, leaves home at 8:10, returns home at 1:30 in the afternoon.
  • Tuesday: is home at 6:00, leaves home at 10:00 and returns home at 20:00
  • Wednesday – Sunday: is home at 6:00, leaves home at 16:00 and returns home at 23:00

It should be noted that we will not be able to enter Marnie's house after 6 p.m. m.

We can use the cave carrot to prepare dishes that require vegetables or to regain health and energy. When consumed raw, we can recover the following quantities:

  • 30 energy
  • 13 health

Now that you know Where to find cave carrots in Stardew Valley, you can embark on this quest, since they are necessary to restore health, give it a try.

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