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We invite you to discover How to Change Professions in Stardew Valley with precise details in this guide.

What to know about the profession in Stardew Valley?

Once you have acquired your five basic skills, it will be time to choose a career. It's easy to choose the wrong career, especially when you're just starting out and don't know what it is. Fortunately, you can change careers if you know how to look. If at any time you make a bad decision and want to change your career, we have you covered in this guide with the following content, let's see.

How to Change Professions in Stardew Valley?

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Your profession determines how much money you get from certain items. If you choose the wrong one, you could miss out on important benefits. If so, be sure to visit the Statue of Uncertainty in the sewers. The sewers are one of the most important locations and will remain closed at the beginning of the game. To unlock the sewer, you must give Gunther 60 unique items in the museum. These items can include rare crystals, gems, and artifacts that can be found in mines or during excavations. The Fishing Treasure Chest will also contain some of these valuable items. When you return 60 items to the museum, Gunther will give you a rusty key that you can take to the cemetery sewers. Use the rusty key to open the manhole cover and enter the sewer. There are many secrets to discover in the sewers, such as rare fish that can be caught in blue waters, a new character named Krobus, and of course, the Invisible Statue.

The Statue of Uncertainty allows you to change professions, but it comes at a cost. The statue asks for a price of 10,000. This is a steep price, but it could be worth it if the change allows him to earn more from the items he concentrates on his farm. To change professions, go to the Statue of Uncertainty, roll 10,000g and choose the skill you want to change. Your profession will change while you sleep and the next day you will be ready to start your new profession again!

We hope that the information detailed here in this guide has been very useful for you to make the change of profession in this interesting and fast-paced game.

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